Measuring the success rate of the manned guarding service can be rather ambivalent, because the event of crime is often an instinctive event, as in the thieving perspective it could be a cognitive thought that triggers an action. Forecasting crime rates can also be sketchy, with predictions often based on previous years’ figures which doesn’t offer accuracy as it doesn’t account for changing variables like the economic climate or even the changing. The success rate of professional security services is not only based on reduced losses, but also the roi. Would it happen to be more advantageous to have had no security services in position? Know company can be exactly sure, yet experience retailers understand that crime is really a constant threat which security measures do need to be looked at.

What we should do know without a doubt is the fact that retail crime rose in 2009, by using it costing a reported £2.8billion to the UK economy. The press has lamented the global recession like a decisive factor, yet it cannot be labelled for every business short coming. Traditionally, when a country comes with an economic downturn security services have thrived because of the nature of the beast which people use crime to obtain the things they cannot afford. Yet using the changing era being very likely to relying on counting on credit from banks the desperation is less than it was before. Stating that though, some have risked a home loan they cannot afford not assuming interest inflations and therefore are left needing work to make ends meat, being unavailable as there are more unemployed than jobs available. A reverend in Canterbury stated in a sermon that it is okay to consider food when in a desperate state, so with sentiments such as that, surely this conveys a national issue.

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Some areas will report increased crime rates, yet this does not necessarily suggest it happens overall. Either way, the recession is not the only factor for crime rates to increase but has surely played a significant part within the last year. As unemployment rises then your have to steal increases. With the have to steal on the rise, then retail stores tend to be more than prone to employ security services to safeguard the store, so in essence the crime rate should be sorted due to that.