Most of society believe that atheists don’t have any underlying take on life. They believe we simply live our lives out counting the days until our non-existence. They view that we have confidence in evolution and that all of life was by chance and our existence only agreed to be luck. They couldn’t become more wrong.

It is true that we’re lucky to exist, and it was all by chance. Will we possess a divine plan, or a purpose to the lives? Most likely not, however that does not mean I’ve my very own purpose that I’ve looking for myself. It’s to live the best life I’m able to. To live it to the better of my ability where I can appreciate everyday my death bed and be happy with the life span I led. You simply live once, so you may as well make use of time.

What is the point then? I can hear lots of your saying. If it’s all by chance and there’s no purpose, what’s the point? Should we just sit round the rest of our lives doing nothing, counting the seconds until our non-existence? No! We have the opportunity to enjoy ourselves. We can laugh and cry. We can be excited and disappointed. We might too take advantage of these emotions because it’s going to be a pretty futile existence.

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There isn’t any purpose alive, except that which you model of it. Select a path on your own that is good for you. Don’t live a life under what you believe you deserve.