Often when individuals are organizing an event, they pick the ease of sending party invitations through email instead of with the mailbox. Although it is simpler to transmit them this way, it always adds a pleasant touch for your event whenever you send out invitations that people holds in their hands. People enjoy the entire process of opening the mailbox, seeing mail that is intended for a, and then keeping it tacked on their own calendar on the fridge before the event. Knowing what you should want for, ordering custom invitations and custom envelopes can be fun and easy. Forget sending invitations through email, and for the next event send custom invitations through the mail.



There are so many style options to select from that you may have no problems getting the perfect design and color choice for your event. You need to consider three factors when selecting your custom invitations: the theme from the event, your personal style, the style of the folks you are inviting to your party If you’re throwing a party for a kid, then choose an invite with bright colors along with a silly font. Don’t ensure that it stays too formal or serious for the child as well as for their guests, it will likely be a lot more fun to receive a time appropriate invitation. If you’re throwing a bridal shower or an engagement party, discover themes which are whimsical and romantic. Rings, hearts, champagne flutes, and other alike graphics are perfect for all events relating to a wedding. For wedding invitations, it is a lot more common to go with a formal motif. More demure colors within the pastel family with neutral fonts usually send a formal message.

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Custom Envelopes

A custom printed envelope may be the crowning glory for your invitation. Customization involves printing your return address on the envelope so that you don’t have to do it manually. When you order your invitations, it seems sensible to buy the envelopes simultaneously. It provides the invitation a cultured look for all the pieces to become the same color and the same theme. You will find generally two options for where the print goes on your custom envelopes: top left corner and the middle of the back flap. It costs some extra to add this crowning glory, but it is worthwhile to have a finished product that appears professionally made.

Should you begin looking at custom invitations and custom envelopes and find yourself overwhelmed, speak with a representative from the stationary company. They create invitations for events every day and can show you toward colors, graphics, and fonts that will be ideal for the event you plan.